Interactive Real Estate Professional/Investor System That Practically Automates Your Entire Real Estate Business

Interactive Real Estate Professional/Investor System That Practically Automates Your Entire Real Estate Business

The Most Comprehensive, Feature-Packed Real Estate Business System That Deliver More Closed Deals Using Less Time, Money And Effort

  Fully Adaptable To Suit Your Business Model

With just a few clicks, our websites can be adapted to suit any business model. You determine what you want to do with it and configure it from your virtual back office to do exactly what you want, whether you:

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark Buy Houses – A website created to convert leads to people that sell houses to you. It pre-educates motivated sellers so they see only you as a polished professional with solutions to their problems, delivering pre-screened and pre-negotiated deals and leads of people that want to sell houses but need follow-up.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark Sell Houses – A website designed, equipped and laid out to sell houses fast. Quickly and professionally list houses you have for sale including pictures, videos (such as virtual tours) and documentsand build a buyers list in the process.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark Wholesale Houses – A real estate investing web site equipped just for flipping houses with all features you’d ever need for successful wholesaling.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark Attract Private Money – Convinces private money investors that their money is safely invested in your deals – and you get cheap, easily accessible cash to invest in your business.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark Any other business model – The ability to create pages, forms to collect any information and save it to the database and ability to customize navigation menus enables you to adapt the website for any other business models easily.

You can also combine business models if you choose to.

  Fully Equipped To Manage Your Real Estate Investing Business Needs

Our real estate investing websites stand out from the crowd because you get a website that is fully equipped with numerous features to fully RUN your business from your website.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark Full Control – You can manage buying houses, short sales, closing your deals, selling houses, wholesaling, renting, lease to own, etc directly from your website. This includes paperwork, pictures, reference notes or any automated reminders important to the deal

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Google map with street view shows it like it is
When you receive a lead, a Google map with street view shows you how it looks like even before you see it. You can tell if you like the neighborhood – you don’t want to buy properties in a war zone, do you? Of course this feature is also important when you list properties for sale. Example

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Estimate market value, repairs and how much to offer
The information you receive through the website, as well as the inbuilt analysis tools ensure you make an offer that gets accepted and makes you a profit.


   Converts Cold Leads To Closed Deals With Email Marketing And Inbuilt Autoresponders

Each real estate investing website comes with in-built unlimited follow-up autoresponders and mailing list capabilities. You do not have to pay for autoresponder services to manage your buyers lists, or any other lists that you manage.

Autoresponders give you the ability to send fully personalized messages at pre-set time intervals all hands-off. So your marketing is more effective without spending extra time.


When a prospective buyer submits their information, instantly tell them you have received their information and that you’ll contact them as soon as you get a house that fits their needs. Then follow up 2 days later with instructions about how to prepare for their new purchase.

Automated Reminders

On every seller, property, or person, you can log unlimited notes for future reference. Each note can be set into an automated reminder sent on the day of your choice.


Say John buys a wholesale property you have for sale (123 Main Street) in a partnership deal. You need to follow up in 3 days to make sure the funds have been wired to the title company to close in time. You can log a reminder note on 123 Main Street so you are reminded at 7 am, 3 days from today.

We all get busy – but this does not have to get in our way to closing those deals efficiently… These automated reminders ensure you close those deals – busy schedule or not!

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Increases the efficiency with which you communicate with leads, follow up with them (automatically) and convert them from cold leads to closed deals

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Eliminates missed opportunities associated with forgetting important follow-ups and events


real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Close more deals using less time, money and effort

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Saves you money – A separate autoresponder account can cost hundreds of dollars a year

   Free Ebooks Sign Up Cold Leads To Active Prospects; Autoresponders Nurture Them To Close Deals With You

Each website is built to engage website visitors (leads) to take action– such as sign up for a free Ebook.

Once they sign up, the website takes over and nurtures that lead with automated marketing.

This involves well-timed, carefully worded follow-up emails. The EBooks and follow-up messages establish your credibility with motivated sellers – and they trust only you to sell their house to.

This warms them up so they are willing and ready to close deals with you.


real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Converts people that are sitting on the fence to real sellers – so they are ready to do business with you

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Eliminates cold calling – if you choose to follow up by phone, they already warmed up and friendly to you

   Inbuilt Squeeze Pages – Increase Conversion With Targeted Marketing

Isolating each marketing campaign to a laser-targeted call to action is mandatory to increasing conversions and closing more deals.

Each website is pre-loaded with powerful squeeze pages that you can launch from your virtual back office.

By default, your website is delivered with squeeze forms activated at strategic places on your website to maximize conversion. You can also launch them separately as needed.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Squeeze pages have a higher conversion than regular websites – your targeted marketing yields more closed deals

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  You can launch as many squeeze pages as you need – there are no limits

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  You can have separate domains each pointing to a squeeze page as your marketing requires


   Easily Change Designs & Content – Even If You Are New To Computers


real-estate-investing-website-checkmark   Flexible mobile responsive designs
Each website comes pre-loaded with numerous commanding and breath-taking designs loaded into it, with a presence and message that delivers action

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark   Switch to any design with a single click. The content remains unchanged even when you change designs

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark   Easily edit content – The website comes with a content editor that works more like Microsoft word – easy to use, change and format content, add media as you wish

 Create Custom Forms, New Pages And Customize Navigation Menus

This allows you to customize your website to look exactly how way you want it and to do exactly what you want.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Create custom forms to collect ANY information
Every time someone fills your form, you will get an email (if you choose to) and all the information is logged on your virtual back office.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  You can set up Autoresponder Marketing Messages for each form (mailing lists), import new leads into the mailing list, or export backups to your computer or email your leads as you need.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Create New Pages – Add Any Content & Forms
You can create additional pages as you need and add content and forms as necessary and put them in the navigation menu or not

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Customize Navigation Menus – Navigation menus are links that people click on in your website to move from page to page. You have full control all navigation menus on your website including the wording, arrangement in relation to each other, links, etc.

In other words, even though your website is delivered ready for business, you can tweak it to work exactly as you want and be uniquely you


   Attracts Business Through Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our real estate investing websites come fully optimized for search engines targeting your local market – where you do business. Thison-site search engine optimization means that we have paid extra attention when creating your website to make sure we follow the latest search engine guidelines so that your website actively generates leads.

As a result, the designs and content remain friendly to search engines and attract business for you.

Every website needs an extra push to rank well on the search engines. SEO is always ongoing, and we offer ongoing training for you to dominate your local market and generate more leads.

   Fully Optimized WordPress Blog

Content is king. Google and other search engines LOVE new content. Adding fresh content to your real estate investing website invites favorable placement by search engines.

SEO today is more content based than ever before.

Our real estate investing websites come integrated with a WordPress blog, with themes to match the existing designs.

The blog is fully optimized for search engines. Posting fresh content on your website attracts favorable placement in the search engines.


   Other Features

Our real estate investing websites come with too many features to list down. Think of it as a complete package that contains everything you need to attract leads and convert them to closed deals, andmanage everything related to real estate investing.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark   Google Analytics  – Integrate Google Analytics from your virtual back office to track your traffic

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark   Create Separate Admin Accounts – If you have admin assistants or partners, you can create separate admin accounts and limit the features you want them to access from the back office.

This way, you maintain full admin control while sharing your website administration and marketing control for maximum productivity.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark   Collect Testimonials From Your Website – Your real estate investor website allows your clients (buyers, sellers, private money lenders and others) to submit testimonials to you directly on your web site, including their picture.

Likewise, you can add testimonials directly from your virtual back office.

You can also collect these testimonials through Facebook, seamlessly integrated on your website. This is huge – since they can share your website with their friends as they do so.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your website will be delivered fully customized and ready for business with about an hour.

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  What About Hosting?

Limited time offer – $64.50 a year.

Only applicable to yearly hosting. When you sign up, the first step covers the order for the website only. The second step allows you to order hosting. You must select the yearly option for $129, and then put the coupon code SAVE to get 50% off.

Note: Domain registration is not included in this discount.

Everything is UNLIMITED – databases, email accounts, space, bandwidth, etc – If you can put a limit to anything, just remove the limit.

We understand the needs of real estate investors – hence we do not impose constraints that may hinder smooth running of your business like other hosts do.

Hosting FAQ:

Why would I host my website with you and not other hosting companies?
real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Stable company and network:-
We have been in the hosting business since 1999. When you host with us, you can rest assured that your website and business will have an uninterrupted online presence.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Maintenance and upgrades:-
Secondly, we can easily maintain and upgrade your websiteeasily if you are hosted on our servers.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  No server limitations:-
You will never have to worry about server limitations. If you can think of it as a limitation, it does not exist on our servers.

Do I have full control of my web site?
Yes, once we install and deliver your website, you can change the back office login and your hosting account password so only you have access to it. The web site and the data belong to you – and we offer you full control and privacy.

How come you charge for hosting separately?
Sometimes you may have an existing website hosted elsewhere and need to upgrade to use our websites. We can install your website on your hosting account. Some conditions may apply; see below.

Are there any hidden fees?
None. Once you get this website, you own it for life with free support and upgrades.


   What If  I Have My Own Hosting Account?

Your website can be installed on your server if basic system requirements are met:

System Requirements:
MySQL5 / PHP 5, or newer, should support ioncube and have php configuration allow_url_fopen set to “on”. It should also support script automation such as cron jobs for autoresponder automation.

Important Warning About Server Limitations

It is important to understand that even if your website can be successfully installed, server limitations imposed by your host may interfere with smooth operation of your website.

Lots of websites out there are simple informational websites that have little to no interactivity.

This is an interactive website that interacts with your visitors, with your prospects and buyers including sending emails, autoresponders and automated tasks, generating offers, PDFs, reports, etc. For this reason, it must be hosted on a server that does not impose restrictions.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to discover a server limitation is when you stumble upon it, your hosting company website, profile or reviews will never cover this.

Please note that we have no control over your hosting account, and we cannot take responsibility for server related limitations that may hinder smooth operation of your website.

So, unless you understand HOSTING, do not order a hosting account from another company before you contact us

What if I need re-installation on my host in future?
We can re-install this for you for a minimal fee. This is covered here.

 FREE Lifetime Support

Our support is free for life – even though you can handle pretty much everything without any help (yes, they are that user-friendly), we will give you a free hand any time you need.

Interactive Real Estate Professional/Investor System That Practically Automates Your Entire Real Estate Business


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